Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D 5.7

Design a house, furnish it and see the result in 3D
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Create a floor-by-floor house plan, decorate it with a furniture from a wide variety of catalogs then view the results both in two and in three-dimensional images.

With this program, you can design the home of your dreams by simply setting up your space and adding those elements you want.
The program's interface is divided into four panels. The first one shows different folders with the elements available for use. Those are divided into folders named after the different parts of a home and include all the items that characterize the corresponding room. For example, in the Living room folder, you will find armchairs, a fireplace, lamps, and so on.

The second panel shows a grid where you can drag-and-drop the items from the first panel and distribute them according to your needs. You can rotate and edit the items using the popup menu that appears by double-clicking on the item.

The third panel shows a list of the added elements and their characteristics, such as height, width, and depth.

Lastly, the fourth panel shows a 3D view of the room you are creating. You can zoom in and out, and make a virtual tour to the room. Also, you can take snapshots and even record a movie of the tour. In sum, the program is fun and easy to use. Also, it can be useful if you are planning to build or redecorate your house.

The program is free to download and use. There is also a paid-based version that includes many more items. You may want to try this free version first and then, if you find it useful, you may purchase the full version.

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  • Free
  • Good 3D features
  • You can modify the furniture according to your needs


  • Few furniture and other elements compared with the paid-based version
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