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Easy-to-use application to design your home with excellent 3D graphics
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Whether you wish to redecorate your house or design a new one from scratch, Sweet Home 3D offers you an open-source, extremely easy-to-use alternative to many expensive and complicated design tools out there. From the walls and windows of each room to the lights and furniture that you will be using to decorate them, this 3D tool will give you a precise overview of your new home.

You can use Sweet Home 3D to design from one single room to an entire multistory house. The first thing you need to do is to define the various spaces – rooms, corridors, bathrooms, etc. With the help of precise measurements the Create Room tool will let you design any space regardless of its shape and dimensions. Then, you may want to add walls to it, as wells as doors and windows, and finally all the pieces of furniture and other miscellaneous elements you can think of, from radiators to curtain rods. You will be working on a standard plan-like 2D environment, but also will be able to see the results in three dimensions and in real time.

The program comes with a large database of all the basic elements that you need to design your house. You will find them neatly organized into various categories, some specific to a piece of the house (bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or living room) and others more generic, which will help you design your home to the tiniest detail – doors and windows, lights, and other miscellaneous items.

Each element you add to the design board can be customized to fit your specific needs. You will be given the default dimensions of each of these items and the possibility of modifying them to fit your own design. You can add these dimensions, together with any text or label you may need, to the drawing itself, both in the 2D and 3D versions. This will not only give a pro touch to your design, but will also help you make more accurate decisions.

The final design can be “photographed” and “filmed” using Sweet Home 3D. You can produce high-quality screenshots of your work, as well as record an illustrative video of you moving around each space in full 3D. The results will certainly surprise you. Sweet Home 3D transforms home design into a simple and truly rewarding task.

Francisco Martínez
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  • You can take pictures of your design.
  • Allows you to produce and share 3D videos of your future home.
  • Extensive catalog of all the elements required to design your house.
  • So easy to use that anyone can enjoy it


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